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Rates & Policies

Please refer to the Registration Information for the latest classes and Tuition.

Tuition bills are sent home with the student the week before the due date. Prompt payment is appreciated. If your payment is going to be late, please call the studio at 215-361-2345.

To find out if a class is cancelled because of snow, visit our website, call the studio at 215-361-2345, or listen to WNPV-1440 AM, Any classes cancelled due to inclement weather will not be rescheduled. Make-ups for snowdays and single holidays are strictly voluntary and an appointment may be made with the studio to attend a similar class. Make-ups due to illness or other reasons may be completed in the same manner.

Parents may observe class at their convenience as long as their presence does not affect their Child's performance. NO YOUNG CHILDREN WILL BE ALLOWED TO OBSERVE.

In the event a student misses three or more consecutive classes, the teacher may schedule a private lesson and a private lesson fee will be charged. If a student knows a class will be missed it is highly and strongly suggested that a blank VHS tape be dropped off for EACH class missed. The tape should be properly labeled with the student's name, the date of the class to be recorded, and the name of the class and teacher. Class attendance is extremely important. Techniques are refined and new steps are taught each week. If a student is absent frequently, his/her placement in the dance can be affected.

The parking lots and driveways adjacent to our building do not belong to the school. Please do not use them. There is plenty of parking on Broad Street as well as on 5th and 6th Streets. A loading zone exists in the front of the building for you convenience. Please do not park in the loading zone. This is for drop off and pick up only! While waiting for your children, please be patient and cooperative. Every effort will be made to end classes on schedule.

We have a very experienced and dedicated staff and we appreciate your trust and confidence concerning the correct placement of your child's dance level for his/her emotional and physical well being. Each level is defined by a certain set of skills. Promotion to the next level is based on achievement of these skills and an understanding of technical concepts. Promotion must be left to the discretion of the instructor. There is no guarantee that a student will move up a level each year. If a child has been absent frequently during the year, it might affect class placement the following year. We offer video analysis and parent teacher conferences. Teachers will contact the parent(s) if a student is not keeping up with the program. Parent(s) are encouraged to inquire as well.

Students must be a senior in high school to perform a solo at the recital. A student must be with our studio for five consecutive years. If a student comes from another studio, it will be at the discretion of the staff as to the student's ability to perform a solo. A teacher on staff must be hired to assist and or choreograph the solo.

LYRICAL CLASS Students must be enrolled in an hour ballet class and an hour jazz class to be recommended for a lyrical class. This class is FREE and offered to students only after they have completed their first year of hour classes. Required Dance Attire

We expect our dancers to take pride in their personal appearance. Proper dance attire will be strictly enforced so that our instructors can best see the movement of the dancer's body. It is under the teacher's discretion not to allow a student to take a class if not properly attired.

Leotards and tights must be worn for ALL types of dance. They can be any style or color.

Pink ballet shoes, leotards, tights, ballet skirt.

Black jazz shoes, leotards, tights, pants, shorts can only be worn with tights.

Black tap shoes, leotards, tights, shorts. Shorts can only be worn with tights. No pants. No high-heeled tap shoes permitted.

Black hip-hop sneakers, comfortable clothing.

Roman Numeral Ballet
Advanced must wear solid color leotards. Hair should be pulled back neatly from the face and off the neck, securely in a bun or high ponytail. Ballet skirts must be worn. Every student should have a dance bag labeled with his/her name on the bag and their shoes.

Combination classes of tap, ballet and jazz require students to have all types of shoes.

Photos and Social Meida
Pictures or videos of dance classes, routines, or any choreography cannot be displayed on social media without the express written consent of Jane Lopoten orJane Lopoten's staff.

Please always check your child's dance bag for important notes.

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