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Our Classes Offered

About Our Program
Every student is evaluated throughout the year. We understand that children take dance classes for various reasons. Some take dance for recreation, some for social reasons and others may desire a career in dance. Our staff works together to place each student every year at a level that is both appropriate and challenging. Our schedule accommodates a variety of levels and dance styles to interest every student from beginner to advanced and toddler to teen. Our mission is to make each student's dance education an enriching and fulfilling experience.

All students take combination classes of tap, ballet and jazz through to level five, (jazz is offered at level two). Students then progress to our Roman numeral level classes. Students are given the opportunity to select which dance types they wish to continue and these classes are taught in hour formats.

Types of Classes Offered:

Ballet classes improve strength, flexibility, poise and control. Warm-up barre exercises progress to more challenging center work. The emphasis is on grace and musicality. (Pointe classes are available for the more advanced dancer. Students must be enrolled in an hour ballet class to be recommended by teacher).

Combination classes begin with our creative dance and beginner classes. Both tap and ballet are taught in each class to give students the proper foundation to begin their dance education. This class is an hour in length. Students will then progress to level 1 and continue on through level 6.These combination classes of tap and ballet become 1 hour and 15 minutes. At level 2, jazz is introduced. Students have the option of adding ½ hour of jazz to their class. When students progress to level 6 they can take an intro to modern class. Students in level 5 need to be recommended by their teacher to begin modern. Students can be recommended for pre-pointe once in Level 6.

After students progress through Level 6 they will then move to our Roman Numeral program where classes are tailored to individual forms of dance and are an hour in length. Students can decide which type of dance they want to continue studying. Lyrical dance is offered in Level II and is a free ½ hour class. Students are required to take ballet & jazz to participate in lyrical dance. When taking modern dance a ballet class is also required.

Energetic and expressive, jazz focuses on rhythmic movement with various body isolations. Most of the dancing you see in musicals, films and pop videos is jazz.

In tap, the emphasis is on the footwork and the expression of rhythm through sound. Students practice control, coordination, and agility while getting caught up in the pure pleasure of making music with their feet.

Hip-hop means the whole culture of the movement... how you act, walk, look, dance are all part of the hip-hop culture. Whatever music gives you the grunt... that funk... that groove or the beat... it's all part of hip-hop

These classes are a combination of expressive movements and gestures from jazz and ballet, coordinated with basic modern dance concepts.

Students must be enrolled in an hour ballet class and an hour jazz class to be recommended for a lyrical class. This class is FREE and offered to students only after they have completed their first year of hour classes.


3 - young 5 year olds
These classes are for pre-school dancers, giving them a well rounded introduction to ballet and tap dancing, exercise, creative movement and tumbling. In a loving and supportive classroom environment, your child will enjoy learning while interacting with other young dancers. Because of the cumulative and developmental nature of these classes, children must be registered for the entire year. Dancers will need both ballet and tap shoes. A recital is given at the studio.

Zumba is a patented fitness class format offered through zumba fitness that contains Latin dancing with interval and resistance training for a full body rhythmic workout. This program takes inspiration from Latin dance; you don't need to be a great dancer to enjoy the benefits of Zumba. Zumba aims to make exercise fun with upbeat music a positive environment and fairly simple movements that beginners can pick up on right away.

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